♛ Must Follow Rules ✓

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♛ Must Follow Rules ✓

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:54 am

♛ Must Follow Rules ✓
►Don't Abuse in Chat And In Group
►Don't Spam The Chat And in The Group
►Don't Copy The Names of Other Players
►Do not use cheats or other prohibited things (ban 1month)
► Do not try to damage server (ban permanent)
►Racism isn't allowed in the server
► Abusing will be result in a permanent ban.
► Do not prevent to your teammates (kick, slay or slap)
►Do not pretend that you are Owner (ban for 1 day)
►Do not use offensive, obscense, advertisment and ip nicknames
►Do not climb on map and out of map (ban 1 day)
►Pornographic sprays or any other material that people may find offensive will be result in a permanent ban
►Grenade Spamming by flooding an area with grenades (includes all types of grenades such as smoke or flash grenades).
►Using snipers ,bombs and killing from tower is allowed admins are not eligible to kick/ban/slay players for these types of reasons


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